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Birth injuries can impede development of babies

Throughout the nine long months of your pregnancy, you dreamed of the moment of your child's birth and all the developmental milestones they would hit.

You envisioned the first time they rolled over, took their first steps and said "mama" and "dada." But events did not go as planned during your baby's birth. Your much-loved infant suffered a birth injury that now affects her development. You realize that some of those milestones you dreamed so fondly of may never even occur.

Even if they do, it's likely that your child will always have some lingering effects from the trauma she endured at birth. Understandably, you are upset, angry and deeply saddened at the turn of events.

Do you have any recourse?

You may. It all depends on just what happened during the birth that led to the injury. Unfortunately, sometimes things just happen that are out of the control of even the most skilled obstetricians.

But other times, a doctor's error can be the cause of lifelong disabilities for your baby. In those circumstances, we can help you build a case against the negligent party or parties who caused or contributed to your child's birth injury.

While nothing may be able to erase the damage or ease your disappointment, receiving a financial settlement of judgment can make their life easier and allow them to receive the specialized treatment that can help them to live life to the fullest.

Remember, the earlier you proceed with a claim for your child's birth injuries, the more evidence can be preserved that could swing the case in your favor. Call today to learn how we can help you and your child.

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