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November 2019 Archives

Truck may have struck car on I-70 before leaving the scene

There are many ways that people could be hurt in Illinois. Miles of lakefront can come with water hazards, especially during bad weather and several vital industries could come with workplace injuries due to accidents. But the road is among the most common places to be hurt or killed.

Get help with your claim after a personal injury

When you're in pain and suffering, no amount of money is going to make things better. Still, being able to have the funds to fall back on as you focus on your recovery is important. That's why it's so smart to begin a personal injury case as soon as you can after you're hurt.

Evanston nursing home fined after patient's hospital death

It is always a difficult moment when we acknowledge that elder relatives can no longer take care of themselves. Some earlier traditions hold that it is the time for grandparents and parents to seek the care of younger and more able relations, but that is not always practical in modern times. Millions of families in the United States rely on nursing homes and assisted-living facilities to protect the safety and health of these people.

Get help if your loved one is hurt by negligence

Nursing home negligence is a real problem that affects thousands of people every year. Did you know that gross neglect is responsible for around 14% of all complaints that were filed against nursing homes? Sadly, the numbers do not seem to be improving, and there are still very real dangers to the elderly in some nursing homes.

Woman sues Illinois hospital after her infant child's death

There is no pain or loss greater than the death of a child. Any parent can tell you that a child's age or the circumstances of their death matters little compared to the value of his or her life. Money can never replace that value, but it can help deal with recovery and help convince health care facilities to prevent future losses.

Illinois is a hands-free state for drivers with phones

Is it okay to use a cellphone while you're stopped at a stop sign? Can you check social media if it only takes one hand working the screen? Is it a bad idea to talk on the phone as long as one hand is still on the wheel? Illinois has a simple answer to all these questions: no, no and no.

Spinal injuries are often permanent: Get the help you need

When you were heading to your university, you were surprised by how congested the roads were, but you were moving safely in your lane. Suddenly, a vehicle from your left began to merge into you. With nowhere to go, all you could do was brace for the inevitable crash to come.

It just got easier to identify nursing homes with problems

How do we take care of our parents and grandparents when they can no longer take care of themselves? It's a difficult question since the days of families living together with many generations have passed by. Now, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities are more practical when elders need round-the-clock care.

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