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August 2019 Archives

Online video shows nursing home staff taunting resident

We never want the people we love to lose their independence, and they don't want it either. Most elderly people will not admit to themselves or their families that the progress of infirmity is making it hard to take care of themselves. It is often up to their children to decide when the time has come.

A wrongful death case may help with your losses

You were traveling with your family and heading toward a vacation destination when the unexpected happened. You noticed that traffic was slowing down and nearly slowed to a stop, but the driver behind you must not have seen the delays ahead. In a split second, their inattention led to a significant collision.

Cerebral palsy can change a young life forever

Any new parent or caring relative would seize up in fear to hear an obstetrician say there has been a problem. The birth of a child is one of the most anticipated events for a family, and it can be stressful enough when everything goes as planned. It can feel unimaginable to understand that a new child's life will never be as expected.

You can seek help if your child suffered a birth injury

When babies are born, they go through a traumatic time. Even in the safest birth, children might have bruises or injuries. The truth is that birth is a little messy and rough for the infants, but the majority make it into their parents' arms with no ill effects.

What are the surgical errors that should never happen?

Everyone makes mistakes at work, but many people do not have the kinds of jobs in which small errors make a big difference. But medicine is not one of those jobs, and every kind of surgical error, even if it does not seem serious, could potentially be significant and costly for the patient involved.

What can you do if you're the victim of surgical errors?

Surgical errors, on the whole, should never take place. While there might be complications during surgeries, an error is different. Errors are obvious mistakes that surgeons or their teams make during an operation. They can be anything from not stitching a wound correctly to failing to operate on the correct body part.

Nursing home fined for failing to stop sexual abuse

It is rarely a person's dream to have all their needs met in a nursing home or an assisted living facility because they can't care for themselves. Most seniors or people facing long-term mobility or health issues would rather live on their own or with family and loved ones. However, when someone requires full-time care, they may need to live in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

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