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Hayride collision leads to 11 injuries in Illinois

It's the fall and with fall comes hayrides, pumpkin patches and corn mazes. People are aware that slower agricultural vehicles may be on the roads, which is why they have to be more cautious about traveling in areas where fall events could be taking place.

When drivers don't pay attention, rear-end crashes are a possibility. In a collision with a simple hayride, it could mean that people are thrown and seriously hurt or killed as a result of the impact. Take, for example, the following case.

Former nursing home workers charged with financial abuse

Residents of nursing homes and other assisted-living facilities are vulnerable to several kinds of abuse and neglect if their care is not handled to a professional grade. Clinicians, administrators and support staff have a lot of control over people as they start to lose it. This can put any patient at risk.

One of the more terrifying possibilities is neglect in a nursing home, which can lead to some serious medical problems like bedsores and dehydration. These issues can complicate health issues common to elderly people, such as dementia and infirmity.

Resident-on-resident mistreatment is a concern in nursing homes

Of the things that could affect an elderly person, nursing home neglect or abuse are among the worst. Elders who need to go into nursing homes often require constant monitoring and support. They may need assistance when going to the bathroom, getting dressed or eating. They may need someone to give them medications on a schedule or to make sure they move enough to avoid developing bedsores.

The Administration for Community Living, which is a subsection of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, believes that an estimated 5 million elders in America suffer from abuse, exploitation or neglect. The true number could be even higher, because it's believed that for every single case of neglect or abuse that does get reported, as many as 23 aren't.

Family gets settlement after wrongful death in Chicago hospital

There's a good reason it's hard to become a doctor. Entry into the medical profession requires full mastery of anatomy, diagnostics and other elements of the health sciences. Only the best of the best get the white coat after years of study and countless examinations.

We trust doctors and other health care professionals implicitly when we head to the hospital with a serious ailment. So, it feels like a betrayal when negligence, carelessness or other negative factor means that the system did not do its job to keep us safe and healthy.

Seek help if you've been hurt by surgical errors

Surgical errors are "never events" that should not take place, but when they do, it's important that surgeons are held responsible for their mistakes. While some mistakes are a result of human error and may be expected, they still have an impact on patients. It's essential that medical providers are all held to the same standards and face serious penalties when they make errors that result in injuries or deaths.

After a surgical error, you may have to go through a second surgery or could struggle with pain, complications or other issues. It is your right to find out what happened and to get a second opinion from another medical provider when necessary.

Illinois town considers court case over landfills

Personal injury lawsuits are often relatively simple. The key factor in these proceedings in Illinois civil courts is showing that the defendant had liability, or responsibility to act or not act in a certain way. That responsibility can take a variety of forms depending on the defendant's relationship to the plaintiff or the context of the situation.

An odd case of public nuisance may have a personal injury aspect to it, as a group of homeowners in the Prairie State are discovering. Residents of New Milford are considering a court action against the operator of two Winnebago County landfills that they say are producing noxious fumes.

Reach out for help after a severe collision

It was a nice day outside when you noticed that traffic was unusually slow up ahead. You slowed your own vehicle, taking time to put on your brakes. In fact, the traffic ahead slowed so suddenly that you even turned on your hazard lights.

Despite taking those steps to warn others around you, the driver of the vehicle behind you must not have realized the potential dangers ahead. As a result, they could not stop fast enough and struck your vehicle from behind. That force pushed your vehicle into the car ahead of you, crushing your car from the front and back.

Illinois civil court judge should not have ordered medical record

Proving a civil case after an injury or illness in a hospital is not so dissimilar from proving a criminal case after a suspected violation of law. The plaintiff, like the prosecution, must prove the connection of liability between the defendant and the supposed wrongdoing. This can be proof that someone did something wrong or proof that they should have acted to stop something going wrong.

In all cases, one of the most important parts of the case is evidence. When a doctor may be to blame for a medical error while a patient was under care, the evidence often includes medical records. These records can show a patient's condition before a doctor's intervention and the likelihood that he or she was involved in the problem in question.

What can you do to prevent errors during surgery?

Surgical errors are every patient's worst nightmare. From removing the wrong organ to operating on the wrong part of the body, these errors can be life-changing, cause pain and lead to the need for further operations.

It is in every patient's best interests to know what you can do to prevent surgical errors. While not everything is going to be under your control, there are two things you can take to protect yourself when you're not under anesthesia.

Illinois nursing home has been cited violations more than once

Children often grow up with a sense of family, reinforced by the presence of relatives and close friends. Even when parents go it alone, they do their best to make sure children are ready to accept their place in life. But this relationship does not last forever. Eventually, parents and other relatives may need our help.

It was common in ages past for older relatives to move in with children's families, but this is rarely a possibility due to the fast-paced nature of modern life. One of the options that often attracts families with its full-coverage approach to caring for elders is a nursing home or assisted-living facility.

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