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Infectious disease: The dirty secret of nursing homes

At any given time, there are more than 5 million residents of long-term care facilities here in the United States. For most, this will be their last residence here on Earth. Even for those whose health dictates a temporary stay, the conditions they encounter at these nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities could shorten their lives precipitously.

Even without the complications from the present worldwide health crisis, nursing homes were struggling to get a handle on the problem of infection control. in fact, it's estimated that as many as 3 million serious infections break out annually in these facilities.

2 hurt in intersection collision in Pike County

Car crashes are pretty common, though many kinds could be avoided. Crashes caused by distractions, drinking and driving, drowsiness and other issues are often avoidable if drivers just take the time to pull over or rest before continuing.

Unfortunately, drivers do go out when they shouldn't. Sometimes, they make mistakes that lead to injuries, too. For example, two people ended up with injuries when their vehicles collided on 225th Street and 255th Avenue.

2 Ohio men drown on pond on Father's Day

As we approach the Fourth of July weekend, it's important to focus on remaining safe when venturing out into and onto the water. It is all too easy to become complacent and think that drownings could never happen to you, but drowning is the third leading cause of death for people of all ages here in the United States, nearly 8,000 fatalities every year.

Two young men from Medina Township in Ohio sadly became statistics this year on Father's Day after they capsized their small vessel on a private pond. The two, both 19, were on the water with a third man at approximately 2:30 a.m. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) recently released a statement after the boating accident claimed the Brunswick, Ohio, men's lives.

Some medications could lead to birth defects

You have struggled with mild depressive episodes throughout your life, so when you got pregnant, you worried about how it would affect you. You asked if your medications could impact your child's health, and your doctor told you not to worry.

You took a high dose of your medications throughout the pregnancy despite the fact that the medication you were on could cause a higher risk of birth defects in your child. During your pregnancy, no one told you to worry. No one suggested taking medications that were known to be safer or to stop taking the medications you were on.

What happens after you get burned at work?

A burn that occurs at work can wind up impacting an employee in many different ways. Minor burns need first aid and typically heal with no lingering effects other than perhaps a scar on the skin surface. They do not typically interfere with an employee returning to work in short order.

But if a worker suffers a serious third-degree burn on the job site, the impacts from the burn could prevent them from returning to work for an extended time — if ever. A bad burn can cause a loss of motion in the limbs due to muscles, tendons and soft tissue contracting from the thermal injury. If too much range of motion is gone, there may be no way for the worker to carry out their job duties.

Falls need to be addressed in a nursing home's care setting

One of the most important things for nursing homes to do is to prevent their elderly residents from falling. Falls are a major health concern and tend to be common among the elderly.

When a person falls while in a nursing home or any other health institution, the sad reality is that it can lead to functional decline as well as an increased length of stay when returning home may have been a possibility.

What are your rights under FELA

The Federal Employers' Liability Act Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) provides compensation and protection for injured railroad workers who are hurt or killed on the job. This federal statute, which applies to all railroaders, imposes certain duties and responsibilities on the railroad, such as:


    Forceps can be a danger to mother and child

    Used correctly, forceps can be helpful medical tools. However, when they are used improperly, they could cause serious harm to a baby. They have been known to cause brain bleeds, developmental delays and cerebral palsy, among other issues.

    Forceps are used on occasion to assist with a vaginal delivery. Forceps, which look like salad tongs, are designed to cup the baby's head and help guide them out of the birth canal. The forceps shouldn't pull on the baby Instead, they should be used to guide them out during the mother's contractions.

    Why are semitrucks so dangerous?

    If you are driving and get into a collision with another passenger vehicle, you may walk away unscathed or wind up with injuries that can range from minor to severe. But get into that same accident with a semitruck, and you will be lucky to live to see another day.

    The size and weight disparity of these big rigs to the much smaller passenger vehicles is the reason that motorists do not fare well when they tangle with semitrucks on the highway. But there are also other factors at play that make semitrucks such a deadly hazard.

    If your loved one is malnourished, it could be neglect

    There is one thing that you never expected to see after just a few weeks away from the nursing home. When you walked into your mother's room, she looked frail. When you got closer, you realized how poorly her clothing fit. What happened? Why, in the few weeks you were away, did she lose so much weight?

    One major issue in nursing homes is the risk of malnutrition among residents. If they are immobile or struggle with mobility, they may have trouble getting food when they need it. If they refuse to eat certain foods, they could be deficient in important vitamins and nutrients.

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