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Are bedsores ever an acceptable consequence in nursing homes?

If you have a loved one who is a patient in a nursing home or other long term care facility, you likely worry a great deal about the care that they receive. Is it sufficient? Are their needs being met? Are their caregivers treating them well?

One sure sign that a nursing home patient is receiving inadequate care is the development of bedsores. This should be a never-event in a nursing home, because with proper supervision and care, bedsores will not emerge.

1 dead in Tennessee boating crash; all survive on Texas lake

A Tennessee family from Hamilton County is mourning the loss of their beloved family member after a fatal boating accident occurred over the recent Labor Day weekend.

In the late afternoon hours of Sept. 5, a family of three was enjoying a recreational boating trip on Watts Bar Lake. For unspecified reasons, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) reported that the family's watercraft was involved in a single-vessel collision near the Blue Springs Marina.

Virtual reality could help reduce surgical errors in the future

What if medical providers and surgeons could cut the number of surgical errors in half? Most people would agree that doing so would be a helpful step toward better patient safety.

A recently published study has shown that new and aspiring surgeons can benefit from using virtual reality as a method of teaching.

Forceps deliveries riskier to babies and moms

It would be lovely if all labors and deliveries preceded predictably with healthy outcomes for the infants and their mothers. But unfortunately, not all births are easy and some may even end tragically.

Often, the mothers desire natural, drug-free births and prepare for the same. Yet, when complications develop during the birthing process, the obstetricians and medical personnel assisting them must be prepared for all possibilities. In some cases, that can mean a delivery using forceps.

If your employer violates the FELA, you could have a claim

The Federal Employers' Liability Act, or FELA, is a federal law that was designed to protect, and potentially compensate, railroad workers who have been injured on the job.  FELA was enacted in 1908, in response to the catastrophic injuries and needless deaths due to the unsafe working conditions on the railroad.

FELA is special because it does create a number of requirements that railroad employers have to meet. If they violate those requirements, then they could be held liable for the violations through FELA. Some of the requirements include:

  • Providing railroad workers with a reasonably safe environment
  • Giving railroad workers reasonably safe devices, tools and equipment
  • Providing adequate training, supervision and support
  • Enforcing and following safety regulations and rules
  • Providing enough manpower to complete a job

Are home births safe for mother and baby?

If you are pregnant, you and your partner may decide that you want to give birth at home. After all, it's where you feel the most at ease and comfortable, so you want your baby to enter the world right there.

But you also have to balance that desire with the safety of your plan. While it may still be possible to have a home birth, your decision must be well thought out to succeed.

Are bruises always a sign of elder abuse?

As people age, it's true that they may bruise more easily. The kinds of bumps and scratches you'd ignore and forget about as a teen or young adult become much more obvious over the years. As an elderly person, bruising happens very easily due to thin skin, medications and other causes.

One of the reasons that an elderly person could have bruising is because of nursing home neglect. As someone who has a loved one in a nursing home today, it's easy to write off bruising as marks from them being clumsy or just getting older, but you do need to pay attention to how often they're getting bruises and how those bruises are arranged.

Who can sue for wrongful death?

You lost a loved one in a horrific highway pile-up caused by another driver's negligence. The medical bills, funeral costs and loss of earnings from your loved one have really taken a toll on your finances. Someone suggested that you might be able to file a claim for wrongful death.

But who has the right to sue for wrongful death after someone is killed through no fault of their own? Do you have that legal standing? You might.

Are you a victim of a wrong-site surgery? You could have a claim

Sometimes, a medical procedure goes wrong in a way that nobody could anticipate. Most of the time, however, the things that go wrong are totally predictable.

When a surgical event goes bad in a way that is wholly preventable, it's called a "never" event -- meaning it should never, ever have happened. The general term for the main three never events that can happen during surgery is "wrong-site surgery." Wrong-site surgeries break down further into categories including:

  • Wrong-patient surgeries: During these surgeries, the wrong patient is operated on.
  • Wrong-level surgeries: These surgeries take place at the correct site but may be too shallow or deep. Essentially, the surgery is performed in the wrong area of the patient's anatomy within that operative field.
  • Wrong-side surgeries: These simply take place on the wrong side. For example, a patient's right arm might be operated on instead of their left.

FELA claims are complex, differ from workers' comp

As an Amtrak on-board services employee, you are used to having to deal with cranky passengers. In fact, it seems like you made a dozen trips to the sleeper for one traveling family, making sure they had everything they could possibly need during the trip.

Yet, you are headed there again -- this time with a pot of hot tea -- at dawn. As the train is speeding out of a wooded area on the outskirts of a small town, disaster occurs.

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