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Forceps and their dark history of causing birth injuries

Birth injuries are not always a result of negligence or errors, but there are times when they are. Children can suffer birth injuries because of a negligent staff member on their medical team or a doctor who has prescribed the mother dangerous medications or treatments. These medical professionals can and should be held accountable if a baby suffers injuries or is permanently disabled as a result.

Birth injuries can occur naturally during the birthing process. Bruising, injuries to the collar bone and some disabilities may be normal and a result of natural birth or growth in the womb. Other times, injuries are a direct result of a doctor's errors or negligence.

Why are janitors vulnerable to back injuries?

Janitorial staff can face many types of injuries that occur while they are carrying out customary job duties. Back injuries are particularly common in the industry, as well as across all industries.

For instance, did you know that a quarter of all workers' compensation claims filed address back injuries? But janitorial staffers can employ specific safety protocols to lower their likelihood of suffering an on-the-job back injury.

Don't let surgical errors ruin your life: Speak out

When you went into surgery, you expected everything to go fine. Nothing that day signified that anything was wrong. Every doctor and nurse you saw knew the procedures they were planning to perform. They all knew your name, your allergies and other information you asked.

That's why you were so shocked to wake up several days after a surgery, finding out that you'd been a victim of a serious complication caused by your surgeon's mistake. They had left an item inside you after the surgery, and within a day or two, you had a raging infection that required further surgery to correct. You were lucky to survive, but you now have a long road of recovery ahead of you.

Truck may have struck car on I-70 before leaving the scene

There are many ways that people could be hurt in Illinois. Miles of lakefront can come with water hazards, especially during bad weather and several vital industries could come with workplace injuries due to accidents. But the road is among the most common places to be hurt or killed.

A recent crash on Interstate 70 near Effingham is a sadly familiar story regarding the consequences of a disturbance on the road. Three people were injured when the car they were traveling was struck from the rear by a tractor-trailer after they had slowed down due to the scene of an accident in front of them.

Get help with your claim after a personal injury

When you're in pain and suffering, no amount of money is going to make things better. Still, being able to have the funds to fall back on as you focus on your recovery is important. That's why it's so smart to begin a personal injury case as soon as you can after you're hurt.

When you start a personal injury case, you're letting the at-fault or negligent party who harmed you know that you want to hold them accountable. The truth is that accidents do happen, but those who cause them should be held accountable for their actions and made to cover your medical care and other financial losses. If not for their mistakes, you would not be in this position.

Evanston nursing home fined after patient's hospital death

It is always a difficult moment when we acknowledge that elder relatives can no longer take care of themselves. Some earlier traditions hold that it is the time for grandparents and parents to seek the care of younger and more able relations, but that is not always practical in modern times. Millions of families in the United States rely on nursing homes and assisted-living facilities to protect the safety and health of these people.

The importance of these places makes it vital that Illinois and other states maintain vigilance for the quality of care. It is now easier than ever to review any problems reported against a facility or its operator.

Get help if your loved one is hurt by negligence

Nursing home negligence is a real problem that affects thousands of people every year. Did you know that gross neglect is responsible for around 14% of all complaints that were filed against nursing homes? Sadly, the numbers do not seem to be improving, and there are still very real dangers to the elderly in some nursing homes.

Some types of nursing home negligence that can take place include:

  • Medical, where the elder's needs are ignored. They may develop bedsores, not receive the appropriate medications or suffer from an overall lack of care.
  • Hygiene, where personal hygiene support is not provided to the residents who can't take care of themselves
  • Basic needs, where there is a lack of providing for the basics, like food, water and a sanitary place to live
  • Social, where the staff ignores the resident or prevents them from interacting with others

Woman sues Illinois hospital after her infant child's death

There is no pain or loss greater than the death of a child. Any parent can tell you that a child's age or the circumstances of their death matters little compared to the value of his or her life. Money can never replace that value, but it can help deal with recovery and help convince health care facilities to prevent future losses.

The woman is suing a Maryville hospital and the health care system that operates it after her baby died nine days after being born there. She is using her right as the personal representative of a deceased person to file a claim under the Illinois Survival Act and the connected Wrongful Death Act.

What are 6 common birth injuries?

Birth injuries can be naturally occurring or the result of an accident, negligence or intentional misconduct. They affect not only the infant child who may be suffering from them but also the parents who have to live with what has happened to their child.

Birth injuries range significantly from those that cause lifelong disabilities to those that cause temporary discomfort. Some common birth injuries include:

  1. Brachial palsy
  2. Bruising or marks from forceps
  3. Caput succedaneum (swelling of the soft tissue on the infant's scalp)
  4. Facial paralysis
  5. Fractures of the collarbone or clavicle
  6. Subconjunctival hemorrhage (broken blood vessels in the eyes)

Illinois is a hands-free state for drivers with phones

Is it okay to use a cellphone while you're stopped at a stop sign? Can you check social media if it only takes one hand working the screen? Is it a bad idea to talk on the phone as long as one hand is still on the wheel? Illinois has a simple answer to all these questions: no, no and no.

The Prairie State became a "hands-free" state earlier this year, as the legislature in Springfield passed a law making it illegal to operate a cellular telephone without hands-free technology such as a Bluetooth-enabled headset. The only exception may be an emergency call to police or another public service.

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